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Built area
1.500 M2
Plot of land's area
60 Ha

The estate has 140Ha, 56 of them include a pistachio orchard and the rest is used for feather hunting.

In the estate, there are several buildings, a cattle warehouse and a storehouse.

The main one-floor house has a built area of 230m2 divided into a dining room, 6 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, pantry and two kitchens. It has 2 fireplaces and heating in all rooms.

The hunter’s house is a one-floor construction with a built area of 100m2 that has a large dining room with fireplace, kitchen and bathroom. Both constructions are separated by a central patio with porch for cars and storage area.

With regards to the agriculture constructions, the estate has a hayloft-storehouse for the operations, with a built area of 408m2 and a storehouse for agricultural machinery with a built area of 816m2.

The estate is in an excellent operating condition, well preserved and with all its facilities in perfect work order. The pistachio operation has the complete infrastructure of dripping irrigation, fertilisation and distribution plant, which is fully automated. It is fenced off with cattle mesh and electric shepherd, and it is provided with subsidies.

The property has a hunting reserve where it is possible to enjoy seeing species like goats, deer, wild boars and feather hunting of rabbit, partridge and hare.

With regards to supplies, the estate has electricity with its own transformer and water well with a concession from the Jucar Hydrographic Confederation.

It is located in the Alcaraz area, with easy access and excellent communications.


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