• Changing topography changes and a spectacular gorge with water coming down from Gredos.
  • Plot of land
  • Cáceres
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Built area
606 M2
Plot of land's area
437 Ha

The estate includes a traditional hamlet including four dwellings grouped together.

The main house includes four bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a hall with fireplace. It has fuel central heating. Two houses for the estate guards and a hunting lodge including a hall with fireplace, bathroom and pantry. The estate has its own water supply using a water well that provides water all year round and it is connected to the four dwellings. The electricity is supplied through a private line with its own transformer that connects directly to the electric grid.

The forestry development is particularly outstanding.

- 100Ha of eucalyptus trees. Next due date for harvesting: 2016.

- 118Ha of reforested area including oak trees and cork oaks, with an annual subsidy of €12,450.

- 5Ha of cork oaks in full exploitation. Next due date for extraction: 2019.

- 27Ha of mature oak trees.

- 98Ha of scrubland with herbaceous and ligneous species, as well as some trees.

- 10Ha of irrigated land fenced off for cereals

- 35Ha of pastures.

The rest of the land includes pastures, water streams and two ponds that supply several natural springs flowing permanently all year round.

With regards to the hunting activity, the property includes an intensive feather hunting reserve with exploitation of wild boar and big game hunting. There is a concession for 20 shotgun drives and two annual hunting blinds. In addition, there are regular pest control activities, such as fox drives, fox hunting with dogs and partridge release. The pasture area is leased for feeding goats.

With regards to premises, it has a 1000m² warehouse, manger for cattle stabling with electricity and water supply. 3 huts for hunting blinds and irrigation engines. The area is completely fenced off with field fence and a rail network with side gullies connecting the entire estate. This is the only estate in the area that is not subject to access easement. There are several water points and springs spread all over the development, irrigation rights and access is easy, with no need for off-road vehicles.

Located just 178km from Madrid and 15km from Navalmoral de la Mata.


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