To rehabilitate
2.950.000 2.950.000
Built area
2.900 M2
Plot of land's area
2.500 M2

The origin of the building is situated at the beginning of S XVI.

It is a rectangular building with a central courtyard, and its main facade overlooking the Plaza Mayor of the municipality, has 4 plants in several areas and spaces below decks. Each floor consists of 745 m² and also has private garden of 1,750 m². It was designed by Renaissance Palace.

The floor of the building is organized around a central courtyard square and discovered. On the upper floors are a division with structural walls are repeated almost identically in all of them.

The facades were performed with a stone base and stone also reinforcements on the corners and the front door, this choice is made in the Renaissance palaces to convey an impression of power and impenetrability.

The municipality is among the Osona and the natural park of Montseny. The distance to Barcelona is approximately 50 km that pass by Highway A7 and C17.

at the center an old kernel with cultural and landscape, where the square is the most emblematic urban space and is chaired by the palatial residence.


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