To move
845.000 1.000.000
Built area
1.500 M2
Plot of land's area
20 Ha

A 20 Ha farm with vineyards, olive trees and cereal plantation surrounds this old farmhouse in La Mancha, which maintains the typology of these infrastructures, created to house day laborers, animals and tools, in addition to the owner's residence.

It is an original set of buildings with lime mortar walls and Arab tiles that serve as day laborers' accommodation, warehouses, stables and cellar.

Along with the buildings for agricultural production, stands the large manor house with a square floor plan and a hipped roof. A garden area in front of the main facade gives way to the distributor with semicircular arches for access to the rooms on the ground floor. In its rooms it maintains the wooden coffered ceiling and the wide walls that combine stone and brick.

In the 420 m² of the house there are 3 lounges, 3 bedrooms with bathroom, guest toilet, kitchen, boiler room, bedroom and service bathroom. The upper floor is a large open space with brick columns and arches reminiscent of Mozarabic buildings. The property has mains electricity, well water, a septic tank, underfloor heating and internet connection.

This interesting property is located in the Piedrabuena district, a municipality nestled between the Cabañeros National Parks and the Tablas de Daimiel, which offers varied landscapes of mountainous reliefs and extensive plains. Lands with great historical and cultural wealth where the Knights of the Order of Calatrava maintained their dominions and where Don Quixote starred in some of his innumerable adventures.


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