• A large property with rural charm surrounded by wetlands.
  • Mill
  • Toledo
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Built area
1.091 M2
Plot of land's area
185 Ha
Farm of 184 hectares of land in the great Toledana plateau, crossed by the Cigüela river, which creates numerous wetlands and steppe lagoons with rich and varied vegetation and fauna. The farm has abundant small game and fertile soils suitable for a great diversity of crops: 118 ha. of pastures and scrub, 38 ha. of labor, 7.5 ha. of vineyards and some centenary olive trees.
The set of buildings maintains the same construction characteristics typical of the traditional labor houses of the region, with wide whitewashed stone and brick walls and covered with clay tiles.
The 561 m² main house is the old mill that has been restored with excellent quality materials; it has two floors that house a large living room, kitchen and 5 bedrooms with bathroom as well as two guest apartments.
In the auxiliary buildings there is a hunting lodge with an office, bathroom and the guard's house; agricultural facilities and warehouses and a 500 m² building for industrial use; it conserves a peculiar construction called "falconer" that was destined to the breeding and training of falcons for hunting and falconry and to dovecot.
The property has its own line for electricity supply and solar panels, two water wells with 15 tanks. 000 l. capacity and numerous ponds and wetlands scattered around the farm. Its access is by road and 2 km of road in perfect condition.
It is located in an exceptional enclave next to the Laguna del Taray, a wetland with special conditions for fish farming and a true paradise for thousands of ducks; very close to towns such as Villa de Don Fadrique and Alcázar de San Juan; a unique space, cataloged as a Biosphere Reserve and Natural Reserve, 130 km. from Madrid.

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